We are young with passion and electricity. We are UPOWs!

Indulgence unruly, loving freedom, which is the passion of youth, like personalized color, become rebellious teenager, however, force it to release in every passion.

Youpin GPB-N1 mobile power bank with compact body, a variety of colors, as the gentle sunshine girl, and you will be shocked by her strong heart.

Youth, full respect of electricity, burning passion! We are UPOWs, power of youth!

Detail design with no ultimate pursuit

Why have an extraordinary experience? Youth, sometimes only for a target attached, as a stubborn cow, on the ultimate objectives and requirements.

This superior products such as GPB-N1 mobile power bank with simple and stylish design, the integration of ergonomics, let the hand of every time have a silky touch. Delicate process, circular and rectangular body with an edge, is the current popular aesthetic standards.

No sophisticated materials, how to be UPOW?

This is Youpin GPB-N1 Mobile Power Bank

Youpin GPB-N1 mobile power bank with high-quality environmental protection ABS fireproof material, able to endure the test of time and space,

Whether in the cold north and south poles also, or in the jungle, following you to the ends of the earth, excellent products GPB-N1 mobile power bank is always the same!

SMART and rapid: Never miss perfect!

Youpin GPB-N1 mobile power bank with the total weight of only 120g, lightweight and convenient, she seems to understand your heart, make you more easy to carry,

The rapid charging performance, from what will not let you lose at the crucial moment, she always allows you to have fun!

A variety of colors to meet the diverse needs of you!

Youpin GPB-N1 mobile powerbank with a variety of color, pink gold, red, silver, yellow, black, white, each color are highly personalized.

Youth also appear in a different color in its gorgeous and colorful, this is Youpin GPB-N1 giving praise of youth!

Young, Fashion. Vigor, for the youth

Youpin GPB-N1 pay tribute to the youth!

Young, is an attitude; fashion is a style; vitality is a kind of life, Youpin GPB-N1 focus on dressing up life.

Details, appearance, color, all legislation seeking to meet that people have vitality, youth, not separated by age, are forms of life, excellent products GPB-N1, for the youth and students!