With new ultra-fine milling and carving skills,

Loyal to fundamental materials and processes,

Value the integration of science and technology not the decoration,

In the metal obsession, adjourned metal legend.

Excellent concise aesthetic feeling comes from nuanced thinking and precise manufacturing process.

The design of T2 is loyal to materials and processes with clearly outline and tough linear geometry to shape products.

Integration into advanced materials and superb technology to jointly create a refined aesthetic of modern technology.

Metal color

Titanium light silver and champagne gold, both the nature of the color closest to the metal,

It is also where the interpretation of the metallic texture.

No need match colors, this is just a metal color show.

Aesthetic process

This is a great victory for engineering and art,

We spent a lot of complex metal surface treatment process,

A molded aluminum by mechanical polishing, manual polishing, blasting 360-degree high-precision, color anodizing and coating, etc. 16 complicated steps,

just to make wonderful products reaching your hands.

63mm width design and optimum body weight just right, delicate and smooth blasting anodized surface,

As well as the more fit fingers bent portion specially designed 3 degrees R chamfering.

All this constitutes an excellent sense of griping in your hands.