With new ultra-fine milling and carving skills,

Loyal to fundamental materials and processes,

Value the integration of science and technology not the decoration,

In the metal obsession, adjourned metal legend.

Meticulously build

Concise design stems from our confidence in details.

In order to make precise details again, we spent a lot of CNC milling and laser engraving process.

Hole by a high-intensity laser light through strike molding, aluminum shell as a whole through CNC milling machine molding,

Then CNC milled edges arc bright side, even a tiny keys are made from the CNC milling machine.

Metal color

Titanium light silver and champagne gold, both the nature of the color closest to the metal,

It is also where the interpretation of the metallic texture.

No need match colors, this is just a metal color show.

Half the work with double results

Dual USB input interface design can charge two devices at the same time,

This will make us more efficient charging,

Life has become more efficient.

Aesthetic process

This is a great victory for engineering and art,

We spent a lot of complex metal surface treatment process,

A molded aluminum by mechanical polishing, manual polishing, blasting 360-degree high-precision, color anodizing and coating, etc. 16 complicated steps,

just to make wonderful products reaching your hands.

Ultra thin

Through Excellent structure design and a lot of elements to customize,

The product thinning to 8.5 mm, with a thin card limit to achieve a high capacity scale.

This is not only a beautiful visual turn, but also the great progress of process.