Love you because you are LEMI

Black is easier to find the light,


Red highlights the fiery passion,


Green means that health and environmental protection,


Blue indicates that the growth and experience,


Gray represents a precipitate heart,


LEMI believe,


There's one style belongs you.

Safety first

With ABS fire environmental quality materials,

LEMI love you, so understand you,


whenever and wherever, security label has been marked.

LEMI as you love her,

no matter how you look at it,


it is beautiful and perfect.


Loving you because of LEMI ,


falling in love with everything about you because of loving you.


LEMI witnessed our love, but also charge our love.


Let’s run for love!

You can not imagine LEMI

Only a single charging of LEMI,


Able for iPhone6 (1810mAh) rechargeable up to 4.5 times,


High Capacity Secure polymer batteries,


Multiple protection power circuit,


No overcharging and short circuit of LEMI power bank.

Humanized brand design

Batteries is like a human heart,


With Ultimate perfection, LEMI can create miracle.


Smart 15S sleep,


Fully locked electricity,


Ergonomic design,


Golden Ratio physique,


Simple One-handed operation.

Dual USB output interface design,


More romantic,


LEMI sharing


Compatible USB mode,


Charging more freedom than love.

Because you are afraid of the dark,


LEMI knows,


When he is not around,


LED lights guarding the beautiful angel,


Intimate, moving,


Can not help but fall in love with you,



Principles of LEMI

The value of integrity,


LEMI knows best.


Crucial responsibility,


LEMI also knows best.


Just like treating newborn baby,


try my best,


With a sincere heart,


Not mixed with any fake,


Greet LEMI.


What LEMI gives


Only is the best.