Love you because you are LEMI

she is so small and varied,

Moist appearance conceals enormous energy,

This is what I want,

Stillness full of surprises,

Minimalist tone made her look like the girl next door,

Choose her because I love her.

LEMI, love my love.

Difference of LEMI

With high quality ABS environmental material


allow you to accompany her beloved traveled away,


stay away to a journey of love, of course,


You can charge your phones anytime with LEMI.

Perfect: perfect design and perfect interpretation

LEMI always takes the fashion minimalist route with the golden ratio Slim design,


LEMI just love you more in the end.

68G: only the weight of a bag of potato chips,


this light, with unlimited energy, perhaps only LEMI can do this,


charging more convenient to travel,


to get rid of the heavy equipment, from traveling light.


Have you seen 93 * 30 * 20mm mobile power bank?


So compact and stylish pocket, it only can be seen in the LEMI.


Her delicate fine just as you, instead the monster is obviously cumbersome.


With delicate and fine power bank you can live a fine life.

LEMI Energy

2600mAh ultimate large capacity, energy density up 9.62wh,


Able to charge iPhone6 (1810mAh) approximately 1.5 times,


Rated energy 9.6wh / 3.7v,


Intelligent multiple protection circuit system, charging more secure.

LEMI battery: Commendable

If you are well,


It is sunny.


LEMI battery,




Integration of high-capacity lithium battery safety,


Multiple protection circuitry,


Charge two hours,


Full of energy,


You will be full of good mood when charging.