Love for a long time, no change my mind

Minimalist silver,


Youthful light green,


Crystal of dark blue,


loving or loved ones,


We will show here.

With high quality ABS environmental material


No matter what change, green is always with you,


AMOR like the test of time and space,


marking the security and trust.

SMART:Her beauty can be touched

The beaty of AMOR is like temporary flower


according to the water, opacity, mellowness, delicate


and reinvention of the overall feeling is hard to forget


Quietly enchanted, necessary action.

Shock capacity

Thriller 13000mAh large capacity, energy density up 48.4wh,


Able for Apple 6 (1810mAh) rechargeable up to 4.5 times,


With multiple intelligent protection circuitry, you can use it at ease.

Brand quality batteries

Core components, demanding perfection,


High energy conversion rate + high charge and discharge efficiency,


Good mood naturally concerned.


Cycle run it, batteries,


350 times the limit only AMOR.

Dual-port USB output,


More beautiful,


To share with you,


Especially when we are together.


Love ta, love's sake.


LED lighting is our witness,


Witness each other's love,


And the power of love.