Love for a long time, no change my mind

She impress me with elegance, fashion and exquisite craftsmanship.


AMOR3 prefer pure white as snow,


With dazzling gold or noble silver.


Even time can not take lasting elegance,


Like her energy is so powerful,


She’s not luxurious but simple.

This is the AMOR3 Series Mobile Power bank

With high quality ABS environmental material


whether it is in the Sahara or in the Arctic tourist travel


AMOR3 consistently can be trusted to


withstand the test of time and space.

Smart: more than please the eye, but also care about your touch.

Simple and stylish design has become synonymous with AMOR3,


when the delicate choice of scrubs,


all natural, curved edge of the rectangular body with aesthetic standards,


she also meet the desire of the hands and skin, perhaps a touch of AMOR3


will inadvertently make you think of someone.

Practical and fantasy

8000mAh ultimate large capacity, energy density up 29.6wh,


Able for Apple 6 (1810mAh) rechargeable approximately 2.5 times,


With multiple intelligent protection circuitry, you can use it at ease.

Your kind heart worth having good battery

We expect good weather every day,


Every day of sunshine and happiness,


Mapping a good mood.


Safe and stable polymeric batteries,


Energy conversion rate, charge and discharge efficiency double high,


Use cycle is as high as 350 times,


Let AMOR3 make you have a good mood to charge!