3GMAX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, headquarters located in Guangzhou where advocates freedom and fashion, owns its brand named ‘3GMAX’ ,dedicating in stylish, passionate and innovative mobile phone accessories products, the operation and promotion of its brand are in the charge of 3G MAX(HK) Trading Co., Ltd



A brand name for mobile phone accessories

The ‘3’ means a stable triangle, which is the most powerful shape.Meanwhile, it is also an analogy of a saying ‘Three heads are always better than one’, representing our company’s philosophy : Keep cooperation modestly

The ’G’ is short for Guidance

Meanwhile,it is also conform to our company’s purpose: Good quality,Good price,Good service


The ‘MAX’ is the meaning of maximum

Representing the batteries of our company is with the max real capacity compare with competitors’, it is also representing our company has the max development space to develop the max fashionable brand


The ‘3GMAX’ is named to be creating a brand of International Intelligent Communication , representing a trend leading company bringing its stylish mobile phone accessories products to help the customers enjoying an intelligent life. The 3GMAX always insists on the philosophy of giving customers satisfaction with the best quality products and the most convenient service.


At the initial stage, the ‘3GMAX’ is mainly aiming at portable power bank, bringing its humanized, creative, fashionable and convenient products to the customers. The ‘3GMAX’ devotes itself to create portable mobile phone chargers to be a convenient and safe ‘Baby’ for mobile phone consumer.


Innovative team

Our company owns a R&D team which is full of vigor and pioneering spirit.


‘Quality First’, ‘Fashionable Products’, ‘The Best Satisfaction’, are the purposes to the products design. We integrate the latest technology, environmental friendly materials and stylish elements into the products design. The shape, the color matching, and the function practicability of the products, as well as the fashionable packagings, all of these are original and charming.


Nowadays, with advanced high technology and fast information spreading, safer, longer charging and personalized devices are the things the customers concerned about. To satisfy customers with such demands, the ‘3GMAX’ will be making market research and study continuously, and will be taking full advantage of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. With best capacity to produce new products and fast response to the market, we can design fashionable and useful hot-sale products accurately and fleetly. We will be continuously making great efforts to provide you a convenient, useful, personalized and colorful quality of life