3GMAX - Not Just A Intellectualized Mobile Device Accessories Manufacturer

In the culture of the 3GMAX, 'Leading to a fashionable intellectualized life' is considered as a sort of taste and style.To conduct the business being a century enterprise is very cool,isn't it?

3GMAX founded in January 2006, creating an unique battery brand. After 2~3 years of development,by virtue of "quality-oriented",we got a lot of domestic and international customers’ support to get through the tough financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. It is precisely this experience, every staff in the company is more closely linked, additionally, most of us are post-80s ,90s , so we love to beyond the limit,love to be challenged, "Chase The Dream,Be Confident,Rigorous, Thanksgiving," is the motel deep in our heart.

In the year end of 2009, there was a company called "Apple", leading a hot-wind to the digital accessories industry,more and more emerging brands was coming out.As a manufacturer, 3GMAX company is aware of the importance of "innovation",and quickly organized a team, spent a two-year ongoing discussion,aimed to meet the initial founding --- "GOOD QUALITY, GOOD PRICE , GOOD SERVICE " for customers. We feel that the work is noble and we are proud of it, with such a good attitude, we can overcome whatever kind of problems .

In 2012, we launched a new series of own-brand products, including own brand batteries,power bank, mobile phone screen protector, etc.


3GMAX witnessed a number of "family" get surprise in front of birthday cake, witnessed a number of "family" married ...... We believe we are the best.We still remember the company's banner waving at the pinnacle of Baishuizhai mountain in Guangzhou.

January 2013, 3GMAX registered "Mokaki" brand.

Today in 2014 , through continuous exploration and research of market, by virtue of geographical and cultural advantages of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong,3G MAX is capable of quick response to the market to design a stylish and practicable hot-sell mobile phone screen protector film. "Colorful! Texture! Delicate!",these are what we want to present to customers.

This is 3GMAX, a company open its eyes to the whole world,but not forget the original intention ,accepting staff from all over the country, now the products has been marketing to many countries,including the USA,Latin America,Europe,Africa,Asia...etc. I hope to share the value of 3G MAX brand to more and more people.

3GMAX is always in the innovative way for endless pursuit,just for your wonderful quality of life.

3GMAX, walk together with dream chaser!